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Burgers and Sandwiches

Our burgers are hand-crafted, in-house, with beef supplied by locally owned and operated Matador Meat & Wine Butcher Shop. Our burgers feature 8 ounces of prime ground brisket, ribeye, striploin, and choice chuck - cooked to order and served just the way you like it. Not up for a burger? Choose a house-marinated, grilled portabella mushroom cap or a seared chicken breast, or let our other sandwiches delight you. All of our burgers and sandwiches are served on a freshly baked brioche roll, unless otherwise noted; Topped with red leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, and sliced red onion; and accompanied by E.J.'s seasoned house fries or your choice of a small house or Caesar salad. A gluten free bun is available upon request.
  • The Classic*

    • 11.00

    House-Ground Burger with Aged Cheddar

  • The E.J.*

    • 13.00

    House-Ground Burger, Jack Cheese, Candied Jalapeno Bacon & Sunnyside-Up Egg

  • The Dougie*

    • 11.00

    House-Ground Burger with Gruyere & Red Onion Jam

  • The Garbage Burger*

    • 15.00

    House-Ground Burger with Jack Cheese, Sliced Turkey, Red Leaf Lettuce, Sliced Tomato, Red Cabbage Slaw, Jalapeno Bacon, Mac & Cheese, Topped with Fried Onion & Jalapeno Mix, served with Loaded Tater Tots

  • The Biggie Bacon BBQ Cheeseburger*

    • 12.00

    House-Ground Burger with Aged Cheddar & Thick Cut Applewood Bacon Topped with House-made BBQ Sauce

  • The Boss*

    • 11.00

    Seared Chicken Sandwich with Garam Masala, Cabbage Slaw & Honey Yogurt Mayo

  • The Spicy Feather*

    • 12.00

    Seared Chicken Sandwich Tossed in Dirty Wing Sauce, Topped with Melted Blue Cheese, & Pickled Jalapeno Onion Slaw

  • The Portabella Sammie*

    • 10.00

    Grilled Portabella Mushroom Cap Marinated in our House Dressing, on a Bed of Fresh Spinach, Tender Artichoke, and Sautéed Red Onion, Topped with Gruyere Cheese & Red Onion Jam

  • Baltie's Crab Cake*

    • 15.00

    A Traditional Maryland-style Crab Cake with Cabbage Slaw, Topped with Remoulade Sauce

  • The Natural*

    • 12.00

    Smoked Turkey Breast, Candied Jalapeno Bacon, and Havarti Cheese with Red Leaf Lettuce & Artichoke Aioli, served on Sourdough Bread

  • E.J.'s Reuben*

    • 12.00

    Sliced smoked & seared Pastrami, served with sauerkraut and house russian dressing on marble rye bread

  • Bernie's Invention*

    • 14.00

    8oz. Honey Glazed Salmon Sandwhich with Sauteed Spinach and Onion

Small Plates

  • E.J.'S Fried Chicken & Waffle

    • 11.00

    Traditional Southern Fried Chicken, Homemade Waffle & Bourbon Tangerine Syrup

  • Dirty Wings

    • 11.00

    One Pound of Crispy, Whole Wings Tossed with Dirty Wing Sauce, Served with Celery, Carrots & Avocado Ranch Dressing

  • Grilled Chicken Skewers

    • 7.00

    Three Juicy Chicken Skewers Served on a Bed of Baby Greens with Black Sesame Dressing

  • Stuffed Mushrooms

    • 7.00

    Five Silver Dollar Mushroom Caps Stuffed with House Blend & Served on a Bed of Potato Straws

  • Maryland Style Crab Cake

    • 10.00

    Jumbo-lump Crab Cake Served on a Bed of Red Cabbage Slaw Topped with Remoulade Sauce

  • Loaded House Fries

    • 9.00

    Seasoned Steak Fries Layered with Cheddar Cheese, Red Onion, Thick Cut Applewood Bacon, Tomatoes, Jalapenos & Avocado Ranch Dressing

  • Loaded Tater Tots

    • 9.00

    Seasoned Tater Tots Layered with Cheddar Cheese, Red Onion, Thick Cut Applewood Bacon, Tomatoes, Jalapenos & Avocado Ranch Dressing

  • Deviled Eggs

    • 5.00

    Hard Cooked Eggs, Halved, and Stuffed with Pickled Red Onion, Avocado, & Jalapeno

  • Soft Pretzels

    • 7.00

    Three Jumbo Buttery Soft Pretzels, Lightly Fried & Salted, Served with Mustard & Spicy Ranch.

  • House Made Sliders

    • 10.00

    Please ask your server about our daily creation.

  • Hummus

    • 7.00

    Served with Carrots, Green Olives, Fried Tortillas Chips and Candied Jalapeno Salsa.



  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken

    • 17.00

    House-Brined Southern Fried Chicken with Smashed Potatoes, Country Gravy & Crispy Bacon Greens

  • Pan Seared Chicken

    • 17.00

    Chicken Breasts Seared to Perfection Served with Almond Blanched Broccoli & Cinnamon Baked Sweet Potato

  • Honey Glazed Salmon*

    • 18.00

    10oz Pan Roasted, Center Cut Salmon on a Bed of Sautéed Baby Spinach & Spiralized Summer Squash

  • The Steak*

    • 21.00

    12oz Angus Ribeye with Braised Baby Carrots & Roasted Thyme Fingerling Potatoes

  • Peach & Jalapeno Glazed Pork Chop*

    • 17.00

    A Seasoned and Grilled Double-Cut Pork Chop Featuring Our Soon-to-be Famous Peach Glaze with Grilled Asparagus & Savory Macaroni and Cheese

  • Pasta Delicata

    • 11.00
    • Add Chicken +4.00

    Angel Hair Pasta Served with House Red Sauce, Diced Tomatoes, Artichoke, Sautéed Broccoli, Zucchini, Asparagus, and Mushroom. Replace pasta with spiralized summer squash for a gluten-free entrée

  • The Marylander

    • 23.00

    2 Marylander-style Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes on a Bed of Red Cabbage Slaw Topped with Remoulade Sauce & Served with Braised Baby Carrots & Crispy Bacon Greens.


All $5.00
  • Small House or Caesar Salad

  • Seasoned Steak Fries

  • Crispy Bacon Greens

  • Roasted Thyme Fingerling Potatoes

  • Sautéed Baby Spinach

  • Cinnamon Baked Sweet Potato

  • Tender Grilled Asparagus

  • Almond Blanched Broccoli

  • Braised Baby Carrots

  • Savory Macaroni and Cheese

  • Spiralized Summer Squash

  • Smashed Potatoes

Soups and Salads

Add Chicken to any salad for an additional $4 or Salmon for $6
  • Salads

  • E.J.'S Caesar Salad

    • 8.00

    Whole Romaine Lettuce with Red Onions, Parmesan, Croutons, Cracked Black Pepper & Caesar Dressing

  • Soup & Salad Combo

    • 9.00

    Select Any Soup & Either a Small Caesar or Small Spinach Salad.

    Add light portion of seasoned chicken. 2$

  • E.J.'S Cobb Salad

    • 13.00

    Red Leaf Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Blue Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Cucumbers, Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Hard Cooked Egg, Thick Cut Applewood Bacon & House Dressing

  • Strawberry Spinach Salad

    • 11.00

    Fresh Spinach with Local Goat Cheese, Roasted Pecans & Citron Vinaigrette

  • 1/2 Natural & Soup or Salad Combo

    • 9.00

    Select Any Soup, Small Caesar or Small House Salad with a 1/2 Natural Sandwhich.

  • Soups

  • New England Clam Chowder

    • 6.00

    Classic Creamy Chowder with Clams, Bacon & Fried Leeks

  • E.J.'S Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup

    • 6.00

    Tender Cuts of Chicken, Carrots, Celery, Noodles & Herbs


Freshly made; availability may vary.
  • Chocolate Cake Built for Two

    • 10.00

    4 Layers of Rish Chocolate Cake Iced & Finished with Cookie Crumbs. Topped with Whipped Cream & Strawberries.

  • Not Your Mom's Carrot Cake

    • 7.00

    Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing featuring Pecans, Shaved Carrots, Pineapple & Coconut


  • Toasts

  • Jalapeno Crab Cake Toast*

    • 12.00

    Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, Jalapeno Bacon & Sunnyside-Up Egg-Toad-in-a-hole Style with Peach Glaze & Fresh Jalapeno

  • The EJ's Benedict

    • 16.00

    6oz Grilled strip steak cooked to order Sliced & served atop our sourdough bread, served with two fried tomatoes, thick cut applewood bacon & poached Eggs covered in our house hollandaise sauce. 

  • Salmon Avocado Toast*

    • 12.00

    Sliced Salmon with Avocado Wedges & Sunnyside-Up Egg - Toad-in-a-hole Style - with Pickled Jalapeno Yogurt

  • Classic Breakfast (But served on Toast)*

    • 10.00

    Three Lightly Fried Beefsteak Tomatoes, Thick Cut Applewood Bacon, Tots & Two Sunnyside-Up Eggs Served atop Sourdough Toast

  • Sandwiches & Omelets

  • The Breakfast Sammie*

    • 9.00

    Two Fried Eggs, Cheddar Cheese & Thick Cut Applewood Bacon, Served on a Brioche Bun with Tater Tots

  • The E.J.*

    • 13.00

    House-Ground Burger with Jack Cheese, Candied Jalapeno Bacon & Sunny-Side Up Egg with tots.

  • The Western Omelet*

    • 11.00

    Diced Tomato, Diced Jalapeno, Red Onion, Sausage & Cheddar Cheese served with your choice of Tots or Toast.

  • The Big Piggy Omelet*

    • 11.00

    Thick Cut Applewood Bacon & Fresh made Sausage, Cheddar Cheese - served with your choice of Toast or Tots.

  • Fresh Omelet Made To Order*

    • 10.00
    • Each Topping 0.30

    Choice of Monterey Jack, Cheddar Cheese, Gruyere, or Mozzarella & Up to Two Toppings with Toast or Tots. --Select From Thick Cut Applewood Bacon, Mushroom, Tomato, Avocado, Cucumber, Jalapeno & Sausage 

  • Salmon & Lox’s Sandwich*

    • 10.00

    5oz’s of Sliced Smoked Salomon served on our toasted sour ough bread, served with Two Fried tomatoes, Cream Cheese, Spinach, Red Onion, Capers  & our house Tots or Apple Wood Bacon

  • Chick-A-doodle-doo

  • Home Style Fried Chicken and Waffle*

    • 12.00

    Traditional Southern Fried Chicken on a Homemade Waffle with Country Gravy, Fresh Sausage and Jalapeno Bacon.

  • Fried Chicken Hash*

    • 11.00

    Traditional Southern Fried Chicken with Shredded Tots, Ground Beef, House Veggie Mix & Sautéed Spinach

  • Usual Suspects

  • The Basic*

    • 8.00

    Two Fried Eggs Cooked to Order, Thick Cut Applewood Bacon, Severed with Tater Tots or toast

  • Pancake Breakfast*

    • 10.00

    3 Large Vanilla Pancakes, Served with your choice or Bacon or Sausage


Following beverages may contain alcohol. O'Doul's is a non-alcoholic beer.
  • Brews on Tap

    We have a great assortment of craft beers, imports and American beers. Please see below for our current selection of craft beers on tap, which rotates regularly to offer greater variety to our guests.

  • Crafts on Tap

    Devil's Backbone, Belgian Style Tripel, Real Ale Brewing Company, Blanco, TX

    DFdub, German Dunkelweizen (Dark Wheat) Style Ale, Oak HIghlands Brewery - Dallas, TX

    Tupps IPA, India Pale Ale, Tupps Brewery - Mckinney, TX

    Pinsetter, Amber, Real Ale Brewery - Blanco, TX

    Dallas Blonde, Blonde Ale, Deep Ellum - Dallas, TX

    West Coast IPA, American Double / Imperial IPA style beer, Green Flash Brewing Co., San Diego, CA

    Full Grown Man, Stout - Imperial / Double, Tupps Brewery - Mckinney, TX

    Texas Shade, American Pale Wheat Ale style beer,Tupps Brewery - Mckinney, TX

  • American Beers

    Bud Light, Light Lager, Anheuser-Busch - St. Louis, MO

  • Bottle Brews

    We have a great assortment of bottled brews.

  • Bottle Brews $5.00

    Corona Cerveceria Modelo Nava - Mexico

    Dos Equis, American Lager - Mexico

    Dos Amber - Mexico

    Samuel Adams Boston Lager, American Lager, Samuel Adams Brewery - Boston, MA

    Shiner Bock, American Dark Lager, Spoetzl Brewery - Shiner, TX

    Stella Artois, Belgian Lager, Anheuser-Busch - St. Louis, MO

    Stella Artois Cidre, European Cider, Anheuser-Busch - St. Louis, MO

  • Bottle Brews $4.00 and Under

    Alamo Amber Lager, Vienna Lager, Alamo Beer Company - San Antonio, TX

    Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale, American Pale Ale, Audacity Brew House - Denton, TX

    Dos Equis, American Lager, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery – Mexico

    Budweiser, American Lager, Anheuser-Busch - St. Louis, MO

    Bud Light, American Light Lager, Anheuser-Busch - St. Louis, MO

    Miller Light, American Light Lager, Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

    Coors Light, American Light Lager, Coors Brewing Company, Golden, CO

    Michelob Ultra, American Light Lager, Anheuser-Busch - St. Louis, MO

    O'doul's, Non-Alcoholic Malt, Anheuser-Busch - St. Louis, MO

    Redbridge, Gluten Free, Anheiuser-Busch - St. Louis, MO

    Ziegenbock Texas Amber, Ziegenbock Brewing Company - Houston, TX

  • Canned Brews

    We have a great assortment of canned brew too.

  • Canned Brews $5.00

    • 5.00

    Local Legend, Sweet Milk Stout, Deep Ellum Brewery

    Northbound 75, Specialty Pale Ale, Tupps Brewery - Mckinney, TX

    Guinness, Irish Dry Stout, Guinness Brewery - Dublin, Ireland


  • Canned Brews $4.00

    • 4.00

    Fireman's #4, Blond Ale, Real Ale Brewing Co. - Blanco, TX

    All Good , Kolsch Ale, Oak Highlands Brewery  - Dallas, TX

  • Wines

  • Whites

  • Barone Fini Pinot Grigio, Italy

    • Glass 7.00
    • Bottle 25.00
  • Skyfall Riesling, WA

    • Glass 7.00
    • Bottle 25.00
  • Waterbrook Chardonnay, WA

    • Glass 7.00
    • Bottle 25.00
  • Crusher Unoaked Chardonnay, CA

    • Glass 9.00
    • Bottle 40.00
  • Smoke Tree Chardonnay, CA

    • Glass 10.00
    • Bottle 40.00
  • Caged Unoaked Chardonnay, CA

    • Bottle 32.00
  • Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

    • Glass 8.00
    • Bottle 30.00
  • Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

    • Bottle 60.00
  • The Reds

  • Divining Rod Pinot Noir, OR

    • Glass 10.00
    • Bottle 40.00
  • Terrazas Alto Malbec, Argentina

    • Glass 8.00
    • Bottle 29.00
  • Line 39 Cabernet Sauvignon , CA

    • Glass 7.00
    • Bottle 25.00
  • Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon, CA

    • Glass 9.00
    • Bottle 40.00
  • Barkan Merlot, Israel

    • Glass 7.00
    • Bottle 25.00
  • Z52 Zinfandel, CA

    • Glass 7.00
    • Bottle 25.00
  • Gentleman's Collection Red Blend, CA

    • Glass 10.00
    • Bottle 40.00
  • Numanthia Termes Red Blend, Spain

    • Bottle 55.00
  • Bijou Rose, CA

    • Glass 7.00
    • Bottle 25.00
  • Ports and a Babble

  • Zonin Prosecco, Italy

    • Glass 7.00
  • Anna Codorniu Brut, Spain

    • Glass 8.00
  • Dow's Fine Ruby Port, Portugal

    • Glass 9.00
  • Gallo Fairbanks Port, Portugal

    • Glass 9.00
  • Cocktails

    All Cocktails $8

  • Capital City Martini

    Tanqueray/Dry Vermouth/Green Olives

  • Cherry Whiskey Smash

    Makers Mark/Lemon/Smashed Cherry/Fresh Mint

  • Stevey’s Beertail

    Tupps’ Texas Shade/Bacardi Light/Lime

  • Orange Crush

    Ketel One Oranje/Simple Syrup/Muddled Oranges/Fresh Mint

  • Texas Rose

    TX Straight Bourbon/Lemon/Crème de cassis/Grapefruit Juice

  • Snake Charmer

    Jose Cuervo Gold/Cointreau/Orange Juice/Lime/Muddled Jalapeno

  • The Sweet Lady

    Ketel One /Cranberry/Tangerine/Orange Juice

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